Friday, 13 February 2015


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Valentine day is back again,
Romance blooming in the air,
People in love or looking for one,
Shower love, the best way you can,
If you didn’t, may today be the day.
For one more time relive even your lost love,
If you were ditched, true love awaits you,
If your love went unrequited, it’s not your fault,
If you are not loved, love back liberally.
Express love with no hesitation,
Shower all the love you have in your heart,
For in loving someone, your love will only grow,
And only in loving someone, you love yourself,
And for one day let there be no heartbreaks.
Love is a universal religion worship it,
It is a language all human heart can understand.
Love transcends time and distance, colour and race,
Religion and beliefs, language and laws.
It is a language our hearts speak without utterances,
It is the innate quality that we are born with,
Who are we to forestall its progression?
So let’s celebrate the sacrifices of Saint Valentine,
Let there be love like Romeo and Juliet,
Sha Jahan and Mumtaz,
Jodha and Akbar,
Paris and Helena,
Salim and Anarkali,
And our own Singye and Galem.
The legends live on in our hearts,
But all ordinary love stories,
Are as legendary as any of those legends,
For no love is small and no love is great.
Love is love and only hearts can feel it,
Love gives reasons for heart to grow fonder,
On weathered faces or radiant one,
On withered body or robust one.
Love is a balm for aching heart,
Love can heal a broken heart,
Love is ambrosia for wailing soul,
And can melt a stubborn heart.
Give your love the freshness of spring season,
The warmth of the summer season,
And the bounty of autumn.
Let there be fragrance of your love in breeze,
And blow away hatred and vengeance.
Grow love and nurture in your heart,
Share love and let it touch everyone’s soul.
Today, on this Valentine’s Day
Don’t let a heart go asking why?
Answer with nothing but, love and more love.


Gyembo Namgyal
February 13, 2015
11:50 PM


  1. Beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day to you too Gyembo! :)

    1. Thank you Rima. Happy Valentine to you too.