Tuesday, 24 February 2015


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Around this time of the year, both parents and children go through anxious moments.  The result of the board examinations declared around this time of the year brings either relief or heartbreaks for parents. But, more than the result, the wait itself is always anxious.

After coming to terms with the reality of how the children fared in board examinations, another worry sets in.  Securing high marks cannot guarantee happiness or relief for the parents as they need to find resources to send their children to schools and colleges. Even with government supported scholarships, parents need to make substantial expenditures too.

For those parents whose children did not do well in the examination, the situation is even worse. Low marks means that they have to be sent to expensive private schools for further studies or drop school altogether. Both options are often hard to swallow.

And then it is time for new admissions for those children who upon acquiring the age of six get to go to schools for the first time.  Many complex issues arise during the time of new admissions. Parents need to produce some valid documents to prove that the child has attained the minimum age for enrollment.

From the time when parents bribed officials to exempt their children from going to school just a few decades back, parents now go to any extent to get their underage children admitted in schools. This is a drastic change in importance of school education between then and now. Today, many manage to submit fake documents but not all can do that. Most cases go unreported but, sometimes this issue come to light and serves as embarrassments to those involved at best.

While it would give temporary relief to get our children admitted in schools this unethical way, in doing so, we are also overburdening our children. This is something like exploitation in real sense. After a year or so, some parents manage to reconcile the tampered documents with correct ones but, others fail to correct them and hence become a thorny issue later.

When children are taken for the first time to schools, most children panic and will refuse to go to school unless a parent or a guardian is around. This goes on for few days for some, while it takes weeks for other children to get used to life in school. Children crying in school are a common thing. Most of us must have cried the first time we went to schools. At worst, the anxiety and stress makes these young children to pee and even defecate in the classrooms.

So it is important for parents to understand the mental state of a child.  We must let them attain proper age and mental development before we decide to send them to schools. Why deprive them their childhood by making them older fictitiously with tampered birth certificates? But, on the other hand, there must also be accommodating rules in admission criteria. For example, a child who is short of two or three months for admission age can best be allowed admission rather than make the child wait for another academic session by which time, this particular child is seven to eight months too old. Perhaps this kind of rigidity must be the reason why children are being admitted under aged with fake documents.

It is important for parents to understand that there is no need for us to rush our innocent children into shouldering responsibilities that they are not mentally and physically prepared to take. And let us not deprive them their right to childhood if we love them and yes, we all love our children right?
Gyembo Namgyal

February 25, 2015 11: 55 PM

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