Saturday, 28 February 2015


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At the end of last month, someone wrote that, after a month of marathon blogging, he felt a sense of relief. He wrote how he felt during his month long blogging, running out ideas and topic and sweating in the middle of the night. Somehow he managed to complete his writing marathon. It was commendable to be writing one post every day because it is not easy.

By then, I was also having my own writing plan. I had few New Year resolutions just broken and wanted to redeem by the beginning of February. How I broke my resolution was bit funny because the resolutions have not seen even the first day.

I had a list ready and daring to go when on January 1, a friend turned up and declared that resolutions are meant to be broken. It was not my intention to break them but, had to. Writing regularly for my blog was one of them. So, with my resolution broken without even beginning, I took a month long sabbatical from blogging. Well, not writing was easiest part. One day led to the next adding up to weeks and lo, a month was over. Not a single blog post.

This is how easy it is to lose what few good habits that we may have like reading and writing on daily basis or at least regularly. I didn't want that to happen. I had to pick up from where I left and that bloggers note saying he completed a month long marathon of blogging was just the perfect prod for me to pick up writing again.
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I declared, it was not a marathon he completed, I took it as a writing relay. I took the baton from him on January 31, and began my own writing run, not marathon but another lap of a relay. I was lucky to run the second lap, an easier one. I hope someone will pick up the baton from tomorrow and begin another month long third lap.

I call upon fellow bloggers to pick up another month long writing challenge from tomorrow, March 1. I was lucky to be writing the second lap. Like in real sprint relay race, those running the middle lap are slower that those who run the first lap and the last lap. The weaker ones are in the middle. I am one who ran the middle lap.

Honestly, it was not that easy writing every day. Avoiding writing on late nights was simply irresistibly tempting.  I did not have any obligations or deadlines like before. But I slogged on. And today, it feels good to have not abandoned writing in the middle. just Like a runner whose muscles are stretched and strained with cramps and lungs running out of air, ideas did run out on many nights, and  time was always against me but, like the runner who must keep running till the line, I also made a resolve to write and post one blog every night come what may.  

I must thank few friends who suggested ideas when I most needed. Often, when I run out of idea, like anyone else I try to think. The more I think, the more constricted my brain becomes of ideas. It was during those moments some of my good  friends came to my rescue suggesting ideas. They were refreshing.
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Well, let me tell one thing to my readers that, if we have little will and determination we can do things we want to do. We always claim to be busy and lacking time to do things. This is not true. The truth is we lack determination. You see, I did not post one single blog in January. I did not have time too, but more than the time, I did not have that determination. In February, I must say I had even busier days but, yet churned out 28 blog post for the month’s 28 days because, I told myself I am going to write everyday. This is the difference. But I must confess that, in doing so, I may not have interesting or readable stories and that was the flip side of keeping my self imposed declaration intact.

From now, there will be no daily blogs to bore readers but, like in the past I intend to keep trickling posts on regular intervals.

 Dear friends, some of you keep saying that, you are busy and have works to do, things to attend to, before picking up books to read or articles to write. Well, that day is not going to come. If you really want to read and write, do it now, make a beginning and make it happen.

Happy reading and god bless you all.

Gyembo Namgyal

February 28, 2015 09:00 PM


  1. Now I understand why you wrote vigorously lately Gyembo Sir! Haha... And you did it! Congratulations for doing it!

    I've been very busy lately too with my office work this past one month plus holiday mood and festivities that happened. But I still did my best sparing my limited time to read and prioritizing my valuable time to write, even if it meant that I had to forgo my sleeping and resting time. But I'm glad I was determined to express what I felt and made it into beautiful posts! Hehe... Keep up the spirit Sir! Although you have finished the relay, keep this habit up and share more story with us! ^^

    Take care and have a wonderful March ahead! :)

    1. Thank you Rima, for always finding time to read and comment. They mean a lot. And it is always a pleasure reading your posts although, I may not have commented on every one of your posts.
      There are so many people, who say they are busy to read and write. I think it is all about little determination and sacrifice that is needed to read and write if we really want to, like I would have not written a single post in a month if I decide not to write, or write one post everyday sacrificing little sleep if I decide I must write.
      Thank you again and have a great time ahead.

  2. When you are on relay I was literally hibernated in the remote villages of Khengpas without net connection. I miss many posts and I hope I can revisit back soon~

    1. That was really unfortunate Sangay, but you can now visit them all. Hope you will enjoy some of them. My part of the relay lap was over and had called upon fellow bloggers to pcik up the baton and run another writing lap. I hope to find out soon. Happy reading and have a good day. Thank you for the comment.