Friday, 17 October 2014


It was a week to remember. A week like no other that can occur in the life of an ordinary being like me. It was an honour, privilege and little embarrassing all together, but it was a week that will have to be marked as something extraordinary to have met personally three distinguished individuals of our country.

First, it was a perchance that, I met former health minister of the first democratically elected government of Bhutan, Dasho Zangley Drukpa on October 13 at Pemagatshel market. He is also the serving member of parliament from Khar-Yurung constituency. It was a brief meeting but no less inspiring.

Dasho is known as one of the most vocal parliamentarian who has the reputation for quick wit and humour and expertly blending them in his arguments in parliamentary deliberations. He is an amiable personality with infectious smile and easy nature, but he is a proven task master. Wits apart, the former minister said he is in the dzongkhag to assess and understand issues in his constituency and the dzongkhag especially in the health care system.

Business apart, it was kind of Dasho to ask me about my reading and writing and encouraged me to follow my passion earnestly. He asked my blog’s url after knowing that I have started blogging after my seven plus years as Bhutan Observer Correspondent ended two months back.

On October 15, I had the honour of meeting the chairperson of the National Council, Thrizin Dasho Dr Sonam Kinga. It was both an awkward as well as an honour meeting him. Awkward, because the meeting was an extemporaneous one and I might have failed in providing the minimum basic chadri that is deemed proper for someone holding as high a post as that of the chair of the parliament’s upper house. An honour it was because, to host such a high ranking personality in my humble shack gave me an overwhelming feel.

I also felt little irked and little thankful to the man responsible for this meeting, a media colleague of mine. I felt a momentary sense of indignation for his decision to host the chairperson’s interview in my farm without forewarning me or intimating me. A little information beforehand would have given me time to make some basic arrangements deserving of a customary Bhutanese protocol. I just had enough time to wear a gho and place a symbolic Thokey on the chogdrom.

Deficiencies and shortcomings apart, I felt honoured, because the visit enabled my humble shack to be graced by one of the most important position holder in the country and the brief visit was hunky dory in the end. This visit by NC Chairperson was reminiscent of a similar visit in 2008 of the former Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley to my same humble dwelling devoid of even the minimum basic requirements necessary for high profile visitors.

Before the Hon’ble Chairperson even sat down for a glass of juice, he was standing right next to my humble book corner holding just about a hundred books and found his eyes scanning over the titles. He encouraged me to keep reading and writing. One remark touched me the most. “One day, I want to live like you in a village,” he said and complimented my small collections.

On the next morning, I had an appointment to call on the Hon’ble Chief Justice Lyonpo Sonam Tobgay. I tried to go as early as possible but, someone was already there before me.  His down to earth personality and easy going way of conversing in Dungsampa ways is what makes him respected and endeared son of Dungsam. Every time, he visits his home, he is flooded by visitors from morning till late evening comprising especially of elderly village people who do not hesitate addressing the Chief Justice as Khotsa Lyonpo.

It was always an inspiration meeting Lyonpo and listening to his words of wisdom. He is truly, one of the most accomplished national figures who is respected and admired by all. He is one of those individuals that we can truly call as ‘destined ones’.

Lyonpo is on a private visit to the dzongkhag as the patron, hosting His Eminence Gangtey Tuelku in the dzongkhag to bless people with wangs and rare displays of Gantey Nangtens like Guru Uzha (Guru Rimpoche’s hat) a Guru Suung Joenma Statue among others. Tuelku also blessed most of the gewogs with brief visits. In one such hectic visit, both lyonpo and Tuelku had to be transshipped in rickety Bolero pickups to by-pass a road block.

So, it was a busy and a momentous week for me. It is an honour for a simpleton to be meeting three important personalities in a week. A renewed feeling of inspiration is what I am feeling right now. Be inspired dear readers and enjoy reading. I promise to be back soon on our usual meeting ground-on this page.

Take care and have good time.

Gyembo Namgyal
October 17,10.20 pm.


  1. Wow, I can understand how wonderful you felt meeting them, Gyembo sir. As much as you had the great experience of meeting those inspiring persons, I equally enjoyed reading your posts. Dungsampas have not done bad after all, we know and can see. For example, the Khotsa Lyonpo and Dasho Zangley. Keep writing, sir. I may not leave comments often but I always make it a point to read all your blog updates. They are wonderfully written. Keep going. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Langa, for leaving a wonderful comment. I am glad you are reading and enjoying my blog posts. I will try to post something regularly. Meanwhile, keep writing and posting on your blog too, they are wonderful. Have a good day and a happy weekend.

  3. Gyembo sir you are blessed to have special audience with three prominent personality of Bhutan. I have never met Dasho Dr. Sonam and Chief justice Sonam, but their faces are always seen on BBS screen. However I have met Lyonpo Zangley during his tenure as Health Minister and vice chancellor of RUB. Enjoyed reading your great write up.

    1. Thank you Norbu Sir, for your beautiful comment. It was a big honour meeting them all and that too in a span of one week. I am glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks again and have a good day and a wonderful weekend ahead.

  4. Life is no more in mere thoughts. we see and we find and that is what life usually bestow on each individual beings. Its really a nice events that has come on your way and you did well. I am hopeful in my own thought to meet some of the famous and legendary leaders in near future. Nice reading your article alys. Thanks

    1. Thank you Sancha sir, for finding time to always read my blog post and leave beautiful comments. I am sure, some day you will meet these people in real person and talk to them and listen to their words of wisdom. Have a good day and a happy weekend ahead.

  5. I just love the way they admired and were inspired by your simplicity - farm life and literature. One day I would love to visit your library and pick some books from there and read with you. Nice post. It not only portrays the two extremes of society, Dashos and an ordinary man, but the beauty of living a humble life.

    1. Thank you Riku. The door to my home and everything that is there is always open for you. I would love to have you here in my humble dwelling and simple farm. I am sure you will understand what magnetism the simplicity of a village life holds if we look little deeper through different perspectives. I am glad you already appreciate simple life. Have a good day and may god bless you always.