Saturday, 14 February 2015


From that vantage point
On the road that was new but quaint
We give rest to our rickety old car
To gather itself for the travel afar
Like beast of burden all but gaunt.

The road was empty but overgrown
With brushes that looked like sown
For they are right on the road’s centre
Was it really a road or a jungle’s epicenter?
It’s road, the brushes are being mowed down.

While we rest and give rest to machine
We devour the sight of the landscape so pristine
The mountains all green as far as eyes can see
But a cancer like mine eats into the beautiful green sea
A sign of greed expanding its wings not so fine.

Gyembo Namgyal
February 14,2015 11:05 PM


  1. Very beautiful poem to read. Very strong message it contains~

    1. Thank you Sangay for your kind words la. Have a good time.