Friday, 27 February 2015


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My yesterday’s post was about the evidence that, there is life after death. Buddhists always believed in this phenomena and it forms the basis of Buddhists practice. Now, evidences of rebirth are filtering in even from nonconformist places that reincarnation and rebirths are possible and that there are ample evidences of life after death.

If there is life after death then, it is certain that, all will want to be reborn in a most conducive environment where there is no suffering and life is filled with joy and happiness. Who will want to be born amid sufferings and chaos where war, famine, violence and crime are a part of everyday life if we knew and also had a choice? What would be our choice?  Will we ever walk into suffering with open eyes? We do have a choice according to Buddhist belief. It is up to us which choice to make. This is called, ‘ Jumdre Mi Lu Wa,’ the incontrovertible truth of cause and effect.
I must again make a confession before further ado that, what I am writing is not a scholarly or masterly view expressed with authority over this subject. Mine is an explanation of lay man’s perspective. It will undoubtedly be filled with lot of deficiencies. I take full responsibility for any.

Well, let’s now admit from evidences cited in earlier post that there is life after death. And the life after death is determined by our actions in the previous life and, how and where we are born are because of the result of indisputable law of cause and effect called Ley Jumdre. Ley Jumdre is truth based on the wisdom of; as you sow, so you reap. Rimpoches and teachers often put it like this-if we sow maize, it will be maize plant that will grow and not otherwise. Likewise, if we sow seeds of love and peace, we can expect to be loved back and peace to prevail. Love begets love, not hatred. Peace will bring peace, not violence.
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Now, if we are convinced with the truth of cause and effect-Ley Jumdre, which we should. Then shouldn't humans at individual level pursue actions that will result in achieving good after-life? If we are to invest through good speech, thoughts and actions for our future life, we would be mindful of our present actions. If we are all mindful of present actions, results for future cannot be wrong. Consistency in our actions will ensure that there will be no discord in family and neighbourhood. When neighbours and communities coexist in peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, the nation will be at peace and progress in humanitarian areas can take place and we can prosper. Extension of this at greater magnitude will be global peace and harmony.

 Can this be achieved then? Yes it can, I would say, if we are prepared to change ourselves at individual level. What and whose purposes do war and violence serve? War and violence only serve the interest of blood sucking war mongers, megalomaniac despots and corporate thugs. In the process, ordinary human beings lose the purpose of life and with it, the rare opportunity to achieve higher rebirths in this endless cycle of samsara, while also making our world a better place to live.

Gyembo Namgyal
February 27, 2015 10:40 PM

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