Thursday, 12 February 2015


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February is a time when people in the villages have plenty of time to rest and relax.  It is a time to relax and have fun the village ways playing archery, Khuru and Doegor during the festive month. Not anymore.

Today, it is not a festive month. It has become a haunting month for parents who have children studying in classes ten and twelve. Although, the calendar’s most coveted festival; that of traditional New Year is overshadowed by the performances of children who appeared Bhutan’s common examinations.

So many dreams are broken this month and so many young souls are left crestfallen when the results of classes 10 and 12 were declared. Some are driven to drugs and alcohol from which they can never return to normality. Some are pushed to bankruptcy for which they will remain indebted for years to lenders.

The scenes are more of pain and frustrations than happiness. Parents are jittery looking for money to ensure the fulfillment of the desires of their children. Children are often oblivious of the reality. Already most parents have resorted to various means to have their children educated  by now.

Few are spared the need to worry of their children’s education. Some are exceptionally good at studies and handful are economically well off to be able to comfortably send their children to good government colleges and schools. For majority, it is still a painful time. Many farmers cannot send their children to private schools even when the desire for education still burns in those young souls.

T heir little land to avail education loan for their children. Already people are exploiting various means to make life easier for their children

Some have yielded to pressures from their children, parents and relatives, yet others have to go knocking o the doors of those who have.  For these categories of parents, to be freed from the shackles of the issue will remain not just a daunting task but one that will haunt for many years.

I saw many parents pour their frustrations. Some are being just casual of their high marks but most others are just the opposite. They toil, they work hard and the situation demands them to perform even better, not for their sake but, for the sake of their children.

Gyembo  Namgyal

February 12, 2015 11:58 PM


  1. I agree with you Gyembo sir. Especially the rural mass must be suffering from ngultrum crunch.

  2. Yeah, I could see the difficulties embedded in the faces of village folks at this time of the year. Thanks.