Monday, 28 December 2015


Desolate appear the landscape,
So far as the eyes can see with ease,
Barren fields and dusty roads,
Grey mountains and naked trees.

Wintry breeze seem to have jagged edges,
 Lacerating feel follows numbness on exposed parts,
So people try shielding with armory of garments,
As the grey clouds hang menacingly, like a doomsday art.

So leaden are the skies in winter,
 Clouds look pregnant but find precipitation labourious,
As highlands wait for snow and rain in lower vales,
And pave way for sunshine to make places salubrious.

Frost in the morning carpets the grasslands in white,
Mist envelopes villages like feathery blanket in tons,
Rendering the sun too febrile even when at its zenith,
So people warm around fire, gossip-mongering in marathon.

The rich are in the cozy rooms sipping exotic whiskeys,
Some are in the bars gulping cheap rums and brandies,
Peasants in their homes down homemade barley brews,
And teetotalers drink gallons of teas and coffees with candies.

Only snotty nosed children seem immune to cold,
As they play with icicles oblivious to the wintry chill,
Even the tempers of vociferous strays seem to ebb,
As most remain coiled in the street corners, whimpering and still.

But winter is a season to relax and rejuvenate,
And be a part of the spoils of the festive season,
Tshechus, losars, New Year and the festivals anon
A season of mirth and merry making, life’s very reason.

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Gyembo Namgyal

December 28, 2015


  1. Sir, you have put in the thoughts so beautifully about upcoming cold winter breeze... Happy new year 2016...

    1. Thank you Sancha sir. Hope you are having a great vacation. Happy New year, Kadrinchey.

  2. Another beautiful composition here. Really loved and you have always something to say on nature.

    1. Thank you Riku, nature is everything for us, the basis of our survival, isn't it? Besides, I feel stumped to write on something abstract like love because embers of love is dying in me...but I will try. Congratulation on your new career which is actually befitting your experience and understanding. I needed someone in moic and now you are there, i am feeling assured.
      Happy New Year to you and your beautiful other half!

  3. wow...great thought and composition.As i live in Highland i wait for snow...haha.Happy New Year 2016

    1. Thank you Tashi...........keep waiting for snow and Happy New Year 2016 to you too. Take care and have a great time. Kadrinche.

  4. You have just written a nice poem from your heart.
    We have to pay so much money to fly to other countries to enjoy their winters! You guys are so blessed to enjoy them all your lives.

    I send my warmest sunshine to you from Malaysia.
    Wishing you a Happy & Healthier New Year 2016!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment. Best Wishes from Bhutan for a Happy and Wonderful New Year 2016.