Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Negotiating a treacherous narrow track over a cliff with a sack of rice on my shoulder, I felt relieved when I finally reached the knoll on top. My adrenalin was rushing and I was running out of my breath as I dropped the sack to the ground and sat down to catch my breath. My better half was following little distance behind and further behind was my 72-years-old mother in-law. They also have loads on their back.

We were on our way to reach my mother in-law to a community of elderly people who made a serene and a peaceful place in the middle a forest their place of spiritual pursuit away from the hullabaloo of the villages around. She wanted to be among these elderly people for a month. And this month, the first of the traditional lunar calendar is one of the most auspicious months which has the potency of multiplying any merits gained by manifolds. This month is also known as Bumjur Dawa, literally meaning that a single merit accumulated during this month can multiply a hundred thousand fold.

Since I really don’t know on this multiplication factor, I accept it. So I whole heartedly try and make it possible for her to pursue spirituality even if it was for a month.

Back at the knoll, the sight around took my breath away once more. The entire bowl shaped valley just sprawled in front of me. It was not just mesmerizing but inviting too. The villages far and near, the mountain that goes in circular formation and the Oori River meandering according to folds of those mountain bases are all beautiful except for that ugly sight of the gypsum mine right in the middle. An eye sore it is always going to be.

The knoll is a place where the wind blows strong because if its position. So, it is apparently an ideal place to hoist Lungdhar  (Wind horse) prayer flags. The entire place has been dressed in full with prayer flags that blew wildly in the strong wind current. Differing glow of print and colour of these prayer flags indicated its various ages. Some have begun tearing and the strong winds are found blowing them away piece by piece and in bits.

Just below is a new Gonpa under construction. The progress of the Drasha (Hostel) construction for monks is making a good progress and the place already endowed with scenic landscape is on its way to becoming an important spiritual centre in the dzongkhag.
pic. source: Google
What made the place so surreally beautiful are the innumerable rhododendrons in full bloom. It is all over the forest around us.  Just as we were about to resume our journey, a dog came scampering directly in our direction. Just few metres away from us it turned back and looked around the track. We knew it was a sign some people are following him. And few minutes later three elderly people residing in the community of elderly walked towards us. They have come specifically to help my in-law carry her belongings.

From that point, I and my better half returned back while the four elderly people began their walk back. On my way back I collected few saplings of rhododendrons which I planted around my place. I hope one day, these plants will all produce beautiful flowers of theirs. I felt rejuvenated with the experience.

Gyembo Namgyal
February 18, 2015 11: 45 PM



  1. Beautifully written......keep writing Gempo sir

  2. A wroth experience and wonderful description in the story made me feel that you really had a marvellous experience. It's good to know and again thanks for sharing. For a moment I felt I was there too. Happy losar to you and your wonderful family. Have a good day ahead☺

  3. Thank you Dawa Zangmo, so much for you kind words. It feels good to know that you enjoyed reading it. And thanks for your good wishes. I hope you have had a good day today. May the new year usher in all things good in your life this year. Have a good day too.