Tuesday, 17 February 2015


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It is school time yet again. And yet again another pressing and thorny issue will confront both schools and students and that is hair, especially the length of hair boys can maintain while the school is in session.

The reason, many boys come to school with less than desirable hair dos. The length, the colour and the general presentations fall short of many schools’ authorities’ desire. It is often the first admonishing students get from their teachers on. To the students, this is seen as excessive interference on what is essentially a non-issue. Many see it as a means for teachers to exert their authorities. Both the teachers on the one hand and, students on the other feel they are right in their own ways.

I don’t know which set is right and which is not but, there certainly seem to be something right and something wrong in the both stand according to what little comprehension abilities I have.

When I say teachers or school authorities are right in taking particular interest on having students abide by a set of rules and conduct, they are right. And maintaining an ideal length of hair by the students is not just good to look at but it shows the inculcation of discipline. Discipline is an essential part of growing up to be not just physically but mentally strong and responsible citizens of the country.

Having said that, I also think students may be right to some extent objecting to something personal like individual’s hair. Certainly, there are obviously more important things to promote and inculcate in schools than be obsessed by something like hair. But, while students must have the choice to maintain their hair at an acceptable length, it must not be taken as a licence to colour bizarrely or style it as the want like punks and hippies.

Herein is a need to maintain balance, follow middle path. Teachers must be little lenient and allow children to maintain manageable and acceptable length of hair instead of forcing children to cut their hair like conscripted army recruits. Length of hair must not be a way to exercise authorities over children. Let’s be little democratic now. We certainly need to bring out responsible and capable children and what good will a haircut, the army style do? I think we do not really need teachers carrying scissors in the assembly session and scare students to hide even in cupboards to escape from humiliation.

This post is about how hair has become a big issue in schools. For now, this post is about boys’ hair alone. What do you, readers think? Please share your thoughts.

Gyembo Namgyal
February 17,2015 10:50 PM  


  1. School is a place where the lessons of decency and integrity should be taught with intellect learning. For some reasons books can be judge by its cover and it is the hair style of boys, some characters can be judged~

    1. Yeah, I can agree with you on this. Thanks for your comment and am grateful for finding time to read.