Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I am not a movie buff any more. As a young boy, movie fascinated me but, those were the times when we did not have computers and televisions. So, it was understandable why watching movies on big screen was the most popular entertainment for the whole population then. I adored Bollywood movie stars during my younger days and like any others of my age, I remember collecting postcards of movie stars that decorated book covers.

Then came video followed by television that killed the big-screen movie watching pastimes. With it, the attractions of movie also fizzled out to a great extent because there was a large choice. I must confess that, I seldom watch movies now even when varied choices available. Even Bhutanese movies with our own local talents showcasing their acting prowess do not entice me into watching movies regularly to rekindle my lost love of movie watching.

But, that does not mean I hate movies either. I must admit that I have watched few good movies lately on the recommendation of my friends. They are all English movies and I must admit that, I have enjoyed them too. I watched “Hatchiko,” a movie about a faithful Japanese Akita dog and also a movie titled “Patch Adams.” Both are based on true stories and I found both inspiring.

And yes, I watched “A Walk to Remember,” a romantic movie based on the book by the same title by Nicholas Sparks and another movie titled “If Only.” Both these movies are emotionally stirring love stories portrayed beautifully.

I read the book, “A Walk to Remember.” It is a beautifully gripping love story that I read it in one night and expected the movie to be equally entertaining. And it did not disappoint me. I am sure anyone who read the book or watched the movie would agree with me and probably been moved to tears.

I did not know what to expect from the movie “If Only.”  To my surprise, it was of similar genre, a heart wrenching love story with beautiful songs akin to Bhutanese or Hindi movies where songs offer beautiful transition and interludes. Both these movies have some good sentimental numbers that blended beautifully with movie themes.

Although, I believe most of the people must have read the book “A Walk to Remember” or watched the movie based on its popularity; here is a short synopsis of what it is all about for those who haven’t done so far. This is a love story revolving around a terminally ill girl student played by Mandy Moore, who, upon discovering her incurable illness of leukemia tries to live a normal school life wearing simple dress and without any make-up unlike other children attracting ridicule from all quarters. She has a beautiful heart and equally mesmerizing voice. She sings in choir in a local church where her father is a pastor.

The turning point in her life comes when, the school authorities decides to stage a play where the girl is to act opposite the school’s most popular boy played by Shane West. The boy initially hates her and makes her the subject of ridicule along with his friends. However, during the course of the play rehearsal, he begins to understand her and slowly develops a liking for her. And the unthinkable happens when the boy falls in love with her after realizing just how beautiful she is in fact with proper make up. The boy follows her, but she avoids him deliberately to prevent him from the heartbreak of knowing   her terminal condition. The boy persists and she finally tells him the truth of her condition.

The truth only deepens the affections with the boy resolving to give her all the happiness during her last days. While the girl lay stricken in her bed, he proposes to her and they get married in a church. On the day of their marriage, the boy waits inside the church waiting for her. The scene of the girl bride, frail but beautiful, walking down the church aisle holding her father was the walk to remember. They get married and not long after, she dies.

“If Only,” was also a tragic love story of a couple. The movie also has some good songs sung by the lead actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays an orchestra singer. It is a story of a strange premonition that the lead male actor Paul Nicholls, playing husband to Jennifer have in his dreams. He experiences a sequence of déjà-vu becoming reality and taking place in his life. And one of this is a strange premonition of the death of his wife taking place in a car accident.

In order to escape this from happening, he takes his wife to a secluded mountain far away from their hometown. After spending some time, the couple decides to return back to their place and work. And the unthinkable happens, just like in his premonition, he finds himself in exactly the same spot, in the same cab driven by the same man. However, it was not his wife, but he himself facing the reality of his premonition, his own death when a lorry ploughs the car he is in with his wife who he protects at the cost of his own life. This is also a must watch beautiful love story that I don’t hesitate to recommend.

Watch these movies; I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  But, take plenty of tissue paper. I am sure even the toughest of the tough are going to shed bucket of tears watching them. I think it is good to be sometimes stirred emotionally and yes tears are good for eyes, let it fall and flow down like a river, they are not bad after all. I am sorry for the poor review though.

Till we meet next time on this page, enjoy watching these movies.

Happy Reading and Take care.

Gyembo Namgyal
September 25, 2014


  1. Gyembo did well on the topic you have reflected here - A walk to remember by a famous writer. I liked this book so much. Any lover would enjoy this lover story...thanks

    1. thanks so much Sancha sir, for reading and leaving a beautiful comment. thanks and have a good day.