Monday, 29 September 2014


Children are the best part of human being. They are innocent in their thoughts, pure in heart and hold the key to our future and the future of humanity. They have the potentials to achieve even the highest and ultimate aspirations a human can aspire for in life; to become enlightened beings.

Here are some pictures of children. Their actions shows innocence at their best. Have a look!!!
                                           an old ball as a hat and was the other half a mask?

                                          ah, Druk Gi Nya Goed.......

                                          caught in the act?

                                          pure innocence..........melts your heart.

                                          Boys knows how to cock-fight!

                                          future body builders flexing their muscles......

                                           friends in arms..........

                                          look on.......

                                          the future is ours.............


                                           perfect Drukpa............

                                          lamas in the making.............

I hope, these pictures reminded you, of your own childhood days. May be you even wish you did not grow at all. But, we all grow and so will they. Each one of these innocent looking children will grow on to become someone in life.

Hope readers enjoyed these pictures for  change. Have a good night.

Gyembo Namgyal
September 29, 2014


  1. It is true. These children are cherishing their life in many ways. Never know where they would grow up to. I often share an incident to my friends; whenever i hear the roaring sound of thunder, i remember when i was 5-6 years old, I used to rushed inside and take cover. And those days are gone, yet memory remains. And when this children grow up to our age, where we would be...we may not live...i feel jealous to these kids... i wish if i could go back, lol....ANY WAY NICE SHARE...

    1. Thank you Ugyen for finding it interesting. It was good to have brought back those memories of yours as a child. I am glad you are transported back in time and hope it brought back those sweet memories. Thanks.

  2. Sir, you are a great artist. You have so beautiful mind, eyes, thoughts and expressions. Sir, all the past great men and women of the earth looked at children as you do.

    1. Thank you sir Chowdhury, for loving these children's pictures.

  3. Very beautiful pictures Sir! :)