Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Just a few days back on May 2, schools everywhere in Bhutan marked Teacher’s Day. The day is a special one as it is also the birth anniversary of the Father of Bhutan, late His Majesty, the third Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. It was under him that Bhutan shed its self imposed isolation from outside world and embarked upon the rapid path of modernization. Marking this special day as Teacher’s Day is a befitting tribute to the great monarch enabling all of us to pay our respects and gratitude.

The day as a teacher’s day reinforces the special bond that exists between teachers and students. For students, is a day to thank their teachers for bestowing upon them, the priceless gift of knowledge and for bringing them up to be responsible and productive citizens of the country. And for teachers, the day reminds them of the onus they have in not just teaching lessons from text books but also shaping young people into complete human being through their exemplary conduct. Like everybody else, I also thanked all my teachers, some taught lessons in classes, others taught things about life and living. I owe all of them my heartfelt gratitude.

This year, the day also brought a pleasant surprise to me. A close friend came to my place with a beautiful wishing card and a generous gift of books for a mini library that I am trying to build at home. I was humbled by such a gesture from a friend who admitted that despite being a friend, he learnt valuable lessons and meanings of life from me. I wonder what meaningful thing I could have said all along except that, whenever I see him confused, I try to share my take on issues confronting him.

What made it even more special is the fact that, this is only the second time he wished someone with a card on Teacher’s Day in his entire life. For me this is bound to be my first and certainly the last. So, it is a special one.
Thank you Tashi, for your thoughtfulness. If you have benefitted from our friendship in any ways, it is because of your receptive attitude and the desire you have, to change for the better. Although, I am not a teacher, I accept your beautiful card that I have it pasted  on my living room wall and the books will make a prized addition to my small library.

Thank you and god bless you always!

Gyembo Namgyal

May 6, 2015 10.30 pm


  1. A very thoughtful and touching post. What brings more joy than someone gifting you books and being added in your library. I really liked going though it. One more thing, I have discovered interesting thing on this blog. Your blog archive says it all, loud. You wrote 28 posts in February, OMG; hats off to you for being able to complete the marathon. But after that, one post each for a month. Quite sad, man. Don't tell me that you are on another marathon to write and post one story a month. I, being newly married man, struggle lots to write but still managing to post to 3-4 posts a month. Dear friend, I want to read more from you, please write frequently.

  2. Dear Riku, thanks for your beautiful comment and nice observation too. You are absolutely right, that there were just one post each for march and april months. I really don't have any excuses to make, it just slipped away. I really promise you that, I will try to write frequently from now on. I am glad that you are just doing that despite your marriage. Keep going and take care of your dear wifey. Regards and greetings from us here.