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Last Saturday, I was watching one of the most anticipated English Premier League football match between the leaders Chelsea and third place Manchester United. It was a high octane match living up to the expectation of ardent EPL followers and football lovers. The match ended with Chelsea taking all three points and making their pursuit of the coveted trophy even closer. For United, it was the fading away of their last hope of making a realistic bid of the trophy this season.

What bothers me always is the match analysis by football pundits at intervals and post matches. It is always the winner that gets all the praise while the losers are dissected and criticized for what had gone wrong. There is no arguing the fact that winners stand tall, but do winners always do the right thing to deserve all accolades as match pundits always shower on.
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Certainly, Chelsea won the all important clash of the titans that night, but to me the result did not necessarily reflect on Chelsea’s superiority on field. Chelsea won the match with a goal in a match dominated by Manchester United with the possession of nearly 70 percent. And isn’t it the better team that dominates possession on the pitch. So my question is on why these pundits’ analysis have to  always be in favour of the winning team and not on the proper match analysis of the entire 90 minutes and give due credit too, on the overall performance.

Notwithstanding the fact that, result is what matters in the end, analysis must be on the game as a whole and not just be about the result alone that could have happened in one moment of magic or madness. Better teams on the pitch not always win matches in the end but that do not necessarily reflect on how bad they played.
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Likewise, in real life too, it is always those successful people who get all the accolades even if the path to their successes may have been riddled with murky past. Those who are not so successful are always criticized, dissected and judged negatively by the society without understanding the reasons. I feel, not all successful people are  necessarily good people doing right things at all times and likewise not all unsuccessful people are  necessarily losers and failures to be despised and looked down.

Who doesn’t want to succeed and who doesn’t want to win always? And in striving to win and succeed many fail and falter, but that doesn’t make them any inferior. Like the need for football pundits to be objective with their match analysis which always tend to tell about everything right done by winners and point out all the wrong moves of the losing team, in life too, we all need to appreciate success acquired through fair and legitimate means while also empathizing with honest good people who are not so lucky in life.

Gyembo Namgyal
April 21, 2015

Dear readers, this post is not about that football match I cited in the article. It is about how experts analyse matches which are always pro winners which to me falls short of being objective. And, in real life too, it always happens the same way like football analysis failing to be objective and we don’t even realize that. This is the point here.

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