Thursday, 11 December 2014


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It is winter, when the wind blows strong,
Lashing on your face like you are wrong,
You cannot see it in any form,
But it is there like it is the norm.

It is winter, on the high mountains tops,
Or the low valley gully drops,
On the high mountains are snow white caps,
In the low valleys icicles form on water drops.

It is winter, deciduous trees are stark naked,
Not a leaf stand, on the boughs all crooked,
Fast withers blades of grasses en mass,
Until the wind blows them away all in mass.

It is winter, when the smoke rises,
From the chimneys of the plush high rises,
And the smokes also bellows in thick plumes,
From crevices and over ramshackle huts, it looms.

It is winter, it is cold,
In the mugs brews are bold,
Buttered tea, espresso coffee,
Yummy porridge, devour feeling no gaffe.

It is winter, it is cold,
Thick clothes in vogue are sold,
High boots, woolen jumpers, long stockings,
In the discos wearers do the rocking.

It is winter, it is cold, and people pour,
Out of discos in twos and fours,
All high, even mild are first tipsy,
And the bold all fall flat topsy-turvy.

It is winter, it is cold,
For those soul that are old,
Under the thick of warm blanket’s fold,
They snuggle like they found gold.

©Gyembo Namgyal
11:30 PM

Haila….., it has been over a week. More than a week, perhaps over ten days to be precise since I last updated my blog. I am sorry, I was busy. Honestly busy. And the worse thing is that for the same period we had power outage during the days. I had to burn the late night candles to work on some deadlines and the updates had to wait.

I know I have obligations to the small but valuable circle of my blog readers, so I had to do it today; crude and raw as it may be perpetually. So have little fun reading this poem that was inspired by what is going through me as I begin working my fingers on laptop keyboard. Cold has enveloped me. It has to because this is winter and it is all powerful right now. Just feel, even the glowing sun has to cull its heat intensity….and who am I to be defiant?

Have a good night guys and may god bless you and love you all!!!



  1. Beautiful poem and keep on sharing la...thanks and tc

    1. thank you lopen Sancha la. you are one tireless reader and a blogger. keep going. i am impressed. Have a good day.

  2. t is winter, it is cold,
    Thick clothes in vogue are sold,
    High boots, woolen jumpers, long stockings,
    In the discos wearers do the rocking.(I fall for these lines) Nice nice.

    1. thanks a lot Dawa for striking out a stanza that you fell for. thanks too for reading and commenting. keep coming back as u always do. best wishes.