Wednesday, 17 December 2014


picture courtesy: BBS
“His Majesty, the Drukgyal Zhipa, the father of nation is a true manifestation of Rigsum Goenpo. In the firmness and decisiveness, His Majesty is the manifestation of Chhana Dorji. In compassionate form, His Majesty is like Chenrigzi, the god of compassion and in his wisdom and farsightedness, His Majesty is like Jampelyang, the god of wisdom,” said His Majesty, the King in his awe inspiring speech to the people of six eastern dzongkhag in particular and nation as whole during the 107th National Day celebration in Kanglung in Trashigang.

This year’s National Day was a special one for the country. It was for the first time, the National Day was held outside the capital in many years. It was a special occasion for the people of Trashigang and the five districts in eastern Bhutan to be a part of this historic event. The huge crowd that spilled out of the Sherubtse College ground braving the cold and overcast weather from early morning indicated the enthusiasm of people.

There were many entertainment programme for the day but, the highlight of the day as always was His Majesty’s speech. The highlight of this year’s speech was on the danger of corruption derailing the very foundation of the nation. His Majesty said that, there are no degrees in corruption such as insignificant ones or grave corruption. “Corruption is evil”, His Majesty said. “We must deal with corruption firmly with no fear or favour irrespective of how high or well connected the perpetrators are.”

His Majesty said, that there is even a graver issue to deal with than the corruption itself and that is the attitude of indifference and lack of concern our people have towards corrupt practices that will be even more devastating. This will have huge impact on the moral of those who are dedicated and honest people. His Majesty also spoke on the importance and the need to identify such people and bring them at the forefront and recognize them.

His Majesty explained on how exponentially each five year plan outlays are increasing and the challenges of corruptions confronting the nation. The importance of good governance in utilizing the limited resources available for equitable development based on transparency and accountability was also emphasized in no uncertain terms. His Majesty said that, there is nothing we cannot do. It is whether we have the will to do them that matter the most. His Majesty reiterated his resolve to dedicate his life in the service of the country and people once more.

Another important highlight of the speech was on meeting national goals and priorities with special reference on the need and importance of achieving food self sufficiency. His concern of migration and land fragmentation was also clear. His Majesty highlighted on the progress of ongoing welfare (Kidu) on land distribution and said that, the kidu programme that is ongoing right now is just the first phase and different phases of this welfare scheme will continue in the years to come.

His Majesty also facilitated different sections of the society with medals and awards during the day. They include farmers, teachers, and former civil servants along with other meritorious awards to distinguished individuals. He also informed people on His Majesty instituting some more awards for next year in fields like extraordinary services, innovations and creativity and, in the field of efficiency and cost saving.

This year’s national day must have been an experience of a life time for those who could attend in person. The disturbance of the broadcast was irksome at times for people watching TV who are eager to have a rare glimpse of His Majesty, the Fourth Druk Gyalpo who people miss so much since his abdication some nine-years ago. The 107th National Day in Kanglung was certainly a watershed moment for the people of eastern Bhutan that will live in memories for a long long time.

Long live His Majesty the King and His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

 Palden Drukpa Lhagyello.

Gyembo Namgyal
December 17, 2014