Friday, 20 October 2017


Dear Gyembo Namgyel Sir,
While reading and contemplating the Gandhian values on the eve of 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, your picture is flashing upon my mind because I have found in you a man of moral beauty and lofty values. This ignited feeling motivates me to write this letter.
Nobel Laureate Dr. Alexis Carrel on page No. 129 in his book ‘MAN THE UNKNOWN’ writes: “….Moral beauty is an exceptional and very striking phenomenon. He who has contemplated it but once never forgets its aspect. This form of beauty is far more impressive than the beauty of nature and of science. It gives to those who possess its divine gifts, a strange, an inexplicable power. It increases the strength of intellect. It establishes peace among men. Much more than science, art, and religious rites, moral beauty is the basis of civilization…”
By virtue of my age and experience as I am growing richer in wisdom, your value to me rises higher, and I feel stronger to have got such a friend of high altitude in morality, simplicity and wisdom. The greatest wealth of your life is your art of ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’. I can never forget the beauty and sublimity of your Gandhian house, small and simple, clean and serene, adorned with a beautiful library and enriched with a highly civilized lavatory.
I remember more than 15 years ago one day at your home I had asked you, “Sir, when are you going to purchase a car?” You answered: “My three children are my three cars. I don’t dream of any other car than them.” I felt elated by the words of your profound wisdom. Accordingly, you have done your best and most to educate and build the children’s life which reflects your thoughts. Those words still echo in my heart and I feel energized and ignited.
Respect and devotion to one’s teacher is also a Gandhian value which is on drastic erosion in modern days. Your attitude and action of giving a lift to your teacher, Mr. Verghese, by your scooter from Pemegatshel to Shelingore is also a reflection of your high moral value.
Another occasion is unforgettable to me. On my final departure from Pemegatshel on 18 December 2007 you chased after my vehicle from Nangkor to Pemagatshel Zero point just to clear the financial transaction between us, which gives an incredible message about you. The world renowned educationist and philosopher Swami Vivekananda said: Be perfectly pure in dealing with money. I have seen that purity in you.
Sir, on the eve of the auspicious 2 October I wish and pray that your moral values contribute to the peace and well-being of the Bhutanese nation and her brothers and sisters across the globe as Gandhiji’s values did to India and the world. PALDEN DRUKPA GYALO!
With love, prayer, best wishes and gratitude,
Yours sincerely,
Santosh Chowdhury

Ex-teacher, Bhutan


  1. I know very well how you feel now reading this great letter. Gyembo, you are an inspiration to me. And knowing someone appreciates your values, I am more happy for you.

    1. Thank you Riku for all your support. I am glad that we share similar values and perspectives of life. And I am happy to see you making good progress in your professional life. I wish you every success in your career and may you be always happy.