Monday, 14 December 2015


An enchantress, that you are- beautiful,
Bestowed with skills that is unrivaled,
An amalgamation of god’s bountiful,
Spellbound are the eyes for your skills unparalleled.

In frills hangs your silken raven hair,
A tuft tucked behind your shapely ear,
Rests are flying delicately on the flow of the air,
As you come walking, the yarns seem they can hear.

The wooden loom is incomplete without you,
The silk threads go around in colourful triangle,
They spread evenly in the mirage of hue,
Resembling like a rainbow from every possible angle.

So keen and fixated are your gaze,
So nimbly your graceful hands work,
Pulling strains of threads, fingers move in maze,
Dhak..Dhak the shinning beater in rhythm works.

Spectacle it is, the half woven loom revealed,
Of intricate patterns and awe inspiring designs,
And artistically you weave on with patience not trivial,
Thread by thread you will entwine them but not resign.

Occasionally, you adjust the shifting back strap,
That snugs your derriere and holds the loom tight,
Listening to melody you make loops and knots on the angled drape,
Tucking back those hairs interfering with her sight.

The patterns are beautiful even for a naïve eyes,
But special they are and hold meanings so clear,
They are the motifs of trees and delicate butterflies,
And woven patiently for days and months so dear.

One day a beautiful maiden will wear this masterpiece,
On the anointed day where thousands gather,
To watch dances and glittering spectacle of fashionable pieces
But none will be as beautiful as this art put together.

Here I am today; I watch the birth of silken butterflies,
And trees in fruition along with symbolic knot of love,
By the fingers that seem to have eyes of their own to rely,
Of a weaver more beautiful than the weave, an enchantress everyone loves.

Gyembo Namgyal
December 15, 2015


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you sir for visiting my page and leaving beautiful comment.

  2. Its beautiful master piece of weaving but even beautiful is your writing that brings outs into pictures of that master piece. Beautiful witting keep writing we will keep reading.

    1. Thank you Tashi as always. Love to read your comments. Keep reading and keep well.

  3. Gyembo Namgyal sir, my words are too weak to express the beauty and sublimity of your thoughts, philosophies, feelings and expressions. I can see you are soaring at an amazing speed by virtue of your love and attachment towards reading, writing and Mother Nature. To me, you are an epitome of the truth: The first and foremost condition to become a good writer is to be a good human being. I always feel elated and motivated to recollect your sublime values and humanity that you practice in your living. You know how deeply I have been inclined towards you since the day I met you for the first time at Nangkor. It is all because I was blessed to discover a noble human being in you without material prosperity and any hankering for material wealth. I will never forget how earnestly and conscientiously you chased after me to Pemagatshel Zero point to refund my money on my final departure which I was leaving behind when the world is full of people who are greedy and busy in grabbing others’ money. I was astounded to see the rich library and the highly civilized toilet in your humble house when I visited your house for the first time. I always shared with my students in the classrooms about the great education and civilization that I had witnessed and experienced in your house. The greatest Indian philosopher Dr. Radhakrishnan said: Civilization is not built by machines but by human values. I remember the late world renowned scientist, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He did not possess a T.V, a refrigerator, a car, or even a house but had a huge collection of books. Sir, since you are a Nature lover I want you to strive to elevate the men’s eyes towards women through your write ups. In my eyes and mind, Mother Nature has manifested herself the best and most in women. That’s why perhaps Dr. Radhakshnan said: God could not go everywhere, so women have been sent. I felt ecstatic by your poem about the weaving woman. During my eleven years as a matron in Nangkor HSS girls’ hostel, I saw all the living goddesses of the heaven and earth in our girls. My heavenly daughters have transformed me into a new man. I owe so much to them and the Royal Govt. of Bhutan. A week ago I wailed when a forty year old woman was raped and killed by a group of drunk young boys. It is true that behind every successful man, there is a woman. I have firm belief that man will see new light in life when women are treated with honour and dignity. Every woman is an OASIS in the life of man. Unfortunately, men are not able to realize the divinity that lies within humanity. According to Mahatma Gandhi, if man is superior to woman, it is only in their brutality. Like you, I am also a Nature worshipper but to me, women forms the best part of Nature. If you agree with me I fervently request you to awaken men about women’s divine status. Man will enjoy perfect peace and serenity of life only when women’s tears come to a halt. To me, one of the causes of the gravity and frequency of natural calamities which is alarmingly rising is women’s tears. I hope one day Science will reveal that truth.

    1. Chowdhury sir, thank you for you long and beautiful comment. I am so lucky to have someone like you in the circle of my friends. You are a rare diamond among all men and I am one admiring you shine in all aspects of life.I hope god will continue to be with you at all times as he is always. Please remember that, the goodness of your heart, your smile and laughter at home is a sign, his blessings are with you and he is with you because you are a genuine human being able to live all its potential. Thank you so much. Kadrinche.