Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Last Friday afternoon, I had to make a visit to Pemagatshel town which is about 5 kilometres away from where I live. I had an important errand at the town. While at the town I dropped by to a friend’s place and one thing led to another and took quite sometime before I could finally head home. A contractor was in a desperate situation having been asked to provide rate analysis for a work where he bided unreasonably low. I was in a hurry but, he was virtually imploring me and my friend to help him out and the worst thing was it happened to be the deadline day for him.

Immediately after that, I headed home. I would have taken some more time at the market if I did not make a hasty retreat because some of my closest friends were found talking in one of the restaurant.

Back at the last shop, another friend, an official of a corporation was outside the shop talking with the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper invited us profusely for a cup of tea. I reluctantly accepted the invitation on the insistence of the other friend.

Outside the shop, there were many young men. One was visibly drunk. And he is, a school dropout son of a businessman in Pemagatshel. Although he stays with his parents at Pemagatshel market, he said he was heading to a village claiming to have got married there. Someone dropped him till the shop. He wanted to go with me till the point where I will be taking diversion. I agreed but, he found this official and wanted to go with him as he will be travelling further. The official also agreed to take him and asked him to wait for some time.

After the tea, we stepped outside to resume our journey home. Just then one of the young men stepped forward to inform me that the drunken boy had my car’s windshield broken. He was about take a hasty retreat by hopping in that officer’s car. I stopped him and confronted him.

There was guilt in his face but he refused to accept his doing. I was momentarily furious because of his denial and even dialed police number. The shopkeeper intervened and said it would make better sense talking to the boy’s parents or guardian. The boy’s brother-in-law responded and agreed to come to the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, the boy kept denying it was his cowardly act even in the face of at least half a dozen eyewitnesses who were all his friends.

The eye witnesses confided that, although the culprit was their friend, they have no choice but testify what they saw. Someone even admitted that although they contemplated making exit, they know that they will be called to record what they saw because I know them all and there was no escape.

The brother-in-law came after few minutes and witnesses told him what they saw with their eyes. I told the boy’s brother-in-law in no uncertain term that if he believes in the boy’s denial, police will have to be called. The boy’s brother-in-law accepted responsibility and assured to redeem the damages without the need of going through police after witnesses proved beyond a fickle of doubt about what happened. The boy acted despicably, he could hardly stand on his feet but kept denying the charges and began acting hysterically refusing to go back home along with his brother-in-law. Finally, the shopkeeper had to drive the car while the brother in-law kept hold of the drunken boy.

It was disappointing. Disappointing not because the way-ward boy sabotaged my car, there was no way he could deny it to escape redeeming the damage as there was enough eye witnesses. It was his attitude that was unbelievably disappointing that, despite so many eye witnesses he was in a state of denial. He also lacked manners and this was an ample evidence to show just how badly spoilt he proved to be.

I felt sad and worried that, people like him are becoming a nuisance in the society.  He is not spoiling his life which he already did after the last school he studied chucked him out for multiple reasons. He has become a liability to his family, society and the nation. But, of all the people, it is the parents who have failed in their primary responsibilities of parenthood.

That evening, he could be at the receiving end of everything. I had to exercise utmost restraint and thought it only sensible to call his guardian, fix responsibilities of his action and hand over the intemperate delinquent to his kith.

Dear readers do you agree with my action that evening? What would have been the most appropriate action? I thought he deserved another chance after his guardian took responsibilities of his action. Please share your thoughts in comments.

Wish my readers a good day ahead. Until next time take good care and be alert at all times!!!

Gyembo Namgyal
October 28, 2014 8.40 am


  1. Friend Gyambo, usually your post would be of satire mixed with humour so that message is convayed without necessarily having bored the readers. But this one is straight and direct. I hav no better ideas as what you did on that day was appropriate or not, but i agree with you in one point that it has became undeniable phenomenon to sight such sad things in a small society like ours. I too agree with you on point that parental care and environment in which a child is brought up has change so much that a child enjoys unlimited freedom, which can be very dangerious for society as well as nation. Hope every parents who read this post take message and change their attitute towards their child for better tomarrow. Glad to go u in next post..till then hope that even if one single parents change their mind by reading your post, it would be job well done by you...take care....

    1. Thank you Raaza for reading this post and leaving a long comment. I am glad you saw the change from being satirical to direct and blunt in my expression. I thought, when the message needs to get through, being direct may make an impact. Anyways, thanks and have a good time ahead. Study well but have fun as well. God Bless You.

  2. I agree with the point "it is the parents who have failed in their primary responsibilities of parenthood". Parental care play a vital role in shaping children's life. The post made to analyzed how I should care my future son and daughter (in deed a over imagination, haha).
    The post that can be take as reminder to all parent. Thank you Gempo sir for the post at right time.

    1. Thank you Lop Jigme, I am glad you realized how important it is to take care of our children right from our homes and before they become wayward and a nuisance. Looks like you are yet to become a Dad, but when you become one please love them but guide them well. Thanks for your comment and have a good time ahead.

  3. wonderful analysis on the daily happenings in Bhutanese culture. Drinking of Aara (locally brewed alcohol) is a daily customary things here and nothing to say on it. My always big question is, why our youth are to much into drinking, smoking, dressing and hip-pop looks? the answer is in closed fact...anyway nice write up and your sudden encounter...thanks

  4. Thanks Lop Sancha, I can understand how you feel because only a teacher knows better on the kind of a situation our youth are facing. I think first and the foremost, it is the parents who need to guide and take good care of their children to make them better citizens of tomorrow but, unfortunately parents are failing in their primary responsibilities of a parenthood, may not be all but most. Anyways, thanks again for your insight on the issue from the lens of a teacher. They are so true. Have a good time.

  5. I agree with you sir. I blame parents for this boys attitude and action

    1. If parents love thier children and care for them, it is important to groom them to become a good human being and responsible citizen. Pampering them is the way to make them a liability to all.