Thursday, 7 August 2014


                                               MY MAIDEN FORAY INTO BLOGGING

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”
                                                                                                                       -Conrad Hall.

This is the very reason why I have decided to begin writing a blog. First, I always considered myself as a student of a lifetime; eager to learn from anything and everything at all times believing that the process of learning only ceases when we die.

And secondly, I wanted to keep writing in another form from where I left and keep moving forward in life. For me there is nothing half as beautiful as reading and writing and this is where I intend to learn more interacting with likeminded people, sharing and enjoying diverse views and writing styles.

I have always been a keen reader throughout my life and writing has been something I will always have my hands full learning in this life. Nevertheless, I have never allowed this shortcomings get the better of me and despite the odds, my resolve to write on have only grown stronger with time. May be I am already in love with reading and writing, if not; I may be falling in love then. That’s because I believe it is never too late to be falling in love with reading and writing.

Oh, I said that I was a keen reader right from the beginning. Let me explain how. Those days, there was hardly any newspaper or alternative reading material available even in schools and believe me what is available in school’s scant libraries do not necessarily interest students who face difficulties comprehending what those voluminous books contained and what good is a reading if you don’t understand anything.

 But, that never deterred me and I kept reading whatever alternative reading material I could lay my hands on. Sometimes, they were the Indian newspapers used as wrappings in the shops and other times old magazines. No matter what it took, I always felt the urge to read what were written in them. It somehow entertained me, true to the media’s role as a source of entertainment that I learnt later. This is how I first developed my reading habit. Even today, while I am not a voracious reader, I read regularly. The good thing now is that, reading materials are available widely today.

And as reading and writing go hand in hand like the two sides of the same coin, it had to hold true for me. I began writing by taking baby steps away from classroom writing. You know, the best way to begin creative writing in the school for me was by writing love letters.

When I say, I wrote love letters in school, don’t get me wrong. It was not that girls flocked and swooned over me that prompted me to begin writing love letters. I was bit too young to understand all that and far too short in looks for girls to be attracted to me. Yet, I was always trusted enough to be able to write love letters for my seniors and friends and also keep the secret inside me. Honestly, I ended up keeping too many cupid secrets of friends. I was everyone’s confidant. I was a virtual clerk in the class. Sometimes, I ended up writing for my friends and replying them from the girl’s side as well. But believe me, it enabled me to learn within the limited horizon, but that was a good beginning. Had it been today, my clerical services would not have mattered as love notes would have exchanged through, text messages, chats and phone calls.

Today, when I look back, it gives enough reasons and potentials to evoke stomach churning laughter but, that has been beneficial for me. I learnt to take small baby steps in writing and I am still trying to learn every day.

Well, let me write some of those memories over the time because I don’t want my readers to get bored right from my maiden post.

Meanwhile, keep reading and writing. Cheers and be happy.

Tashi Delek

Gyembo Namgyal

August 07, 2014


  1. This is the first blog post, ever, I read at midnight. Thoroughly enjoyable! Good to know that you too were a love letter writer for your friends. I hope to read many more stories here. Welcome to blogging!

    1. Thanks Riku for finding time to read this post and that too at midnight. I wonder what you are up to at that odd hour. I will try to keep writing regularly dear. Have a good day!!!

  2. its beautiful....i long for more

  3. Biggest thumbs up for ur writings la...

  4. Looking forward to next posts!.....